Come Hear Again

The Amazing Benefits of Smartphone Hearing Aids

hand holding a blue bte hearing aid

Fitness watches and even contact lenses that can test your blood sugar are all very good examples of how wearable tech is now entering our day to day lives. Now it is more than possible to add hearing devices to that list. Major manufacturers are now working with both Apple and Android to try and make tech that allows your hearing aid to connect with your phone.

New tech is now opening up the market for hearing aid wearers. The new functions of these hearing aids are now making your life way easier, and they are also making everything way more convenient as well. This gives you a huge amount of control over your hearing experience.

Stream Audio to Your Ears

Can you imagine driving around town, listening to directions that are being sent right to your hearing aids? Smartphone hearing aids are incredibly convenient because they are able to stream audio from your phone right to your hearing aids. They can also help you with music, calls and driving directions as well. If you have an Android phone, then you will need to use a phone clip accessory as this will help you to stream your audio to your ears.

Control Your Settings

When it comes to smartphone hearing aids, you will soon find that they connect wirelessly to an app that is on your phone. This gives you the chance to make any required adjustments discreetly. To everyone else, making adjustments may look like you are texting or even checking your Facebook profile. The days when you must reach to your ear to press the buttons are long gone, and this helps to make your aids more discreet. The phone app helps you to control the volume, the treble, the bass and any programs that you might need to alter.

Misplaced Hearing Aids

This is frustrating to say the least. There is nothing worse than losing your hearing aid. Thankfully, there is now GPS technology out there and this helps you to make sure that you can always find everything you need.

The app tracks the location of your hearing aid, so you always know where they are. In addition to showing you where your hearing aids are on a map, you won’t have to worry about finding your aids in your home. Most of the time you can easily use the hot and the cold function, to find anything you need.

Automatically Adjust Your Settings

One of the hassles that come with wearing hearing aids is that you need to switch your program. This is especially the case with places where you visit on a regular basis. You may find that you have to change it when you attend church or when you go to your favorite restaurant. When you use smart hearing aids, you won’t have to change this at all because they will adjust everything automatically. There’s nothing to worry about at all.

Having a Remote Microphone 

It’s annoying to have to invest in extra accessories. This can include a microphone so that you can increase your hearing capabilities. Smartphone hearing aids help you to use your mobile as a microphone. If you are in a very noisy environment, then you just need to place your phone on the table. You will then find that your companion’s voice is streamed directly to your ears. Of course, there are many other situations where this can be beneficial, such as if you are in a noisy business meeting, but either way, it is a fantastic feature that you can be sure to take advantage of.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best result out of your smart hearing aids or if you want to make sure that you are not missing out on some great features, then you need to make sure that you contact a good audiologist. When you do, they can then work with you to make sure that you get the support you need out of your aids, while also helping you to understand the various features that you may need or want to take advantage of.

If you want to make sure that you get the best result out of your hearing aids, then make sure that you contact the Hearing Wellness Centre at (519) 735-4327. When you do, you can then count on them to help you with anything you might need to know, so keep that in mind if you can.